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Hello dear friend, welcome! This guide details how to contribute to this repository.

Contributor license agreement

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All the steps you need

  1. First of all, what you want to add should be actually 'Free'. Don't mistake "An easy link to Download a book" with "Free".

  2. If you don't know how to work with git or github, just simply go to Wiki: Contribution and read the rest.

  3. We have 5 kinds of lists. Make sure you know where you're adding the link:

    • Books : PDF, HTML, DJVU, ePub, a based site, a Git repo, etc.
    • Courses : A course is a well designed learning material which was made by an organized group and is availabe for a long time where there is no interactive tool embeded in the site. e.g.: OpenCourseWare, PHPAcademy, etc.
    • Interactive Tutorials : An application which helps you learn, by actually typing syntax. e.g.: Codecademy, Try Github, etc.
    • Javascript Resources : Resources for learning a Javascript Framework
    • Problem Sets & Competetitive Programming : Challenges/problems, where you can prove your programming skills for yourself or against others
  4. We prefer small commits rather than one large commit in a pull request. If you don't have the time to make small commit, add an issue with all the links included and we'll add them for you.

  5. Use our standard for formatting the .md file. Check it out: Formatting

  6. Please try to use alphabetic order.


  • All lists are .md files. Try to learn Github's Markdown syntax. It's simple!
  • All the lists start with an Index, the idea is to show all of sections and subsections there, so it's important to have an index for each section. Right now it's alphabetized, so please use alphabetic order.
  • Sections are using level 3 heading (in HTML is <h3>, in Markdown is ###), and subsections are using level 4 (in HTML is <h4>, in Markdown is ####).

The idea is to have

  • 2 empty lines between last suggested book & new header
  • 1 empty line between header & first book of that very section.
  • 0 empty line between each book in 1 section.
  • 1 empty line at the end of each .md file.

Like this example:

markdownCopy to clipboard
* [Essential Pascal Version 1 and 2](

### DTrace

* [IllumOS Dynamic Tracing Guide](
* [Some Other Book](

BAD : * [IllumOS Dynamic Tracing Guide](
GOOD: * [IllumOS Dynamic Tracing Guide]( (PDF)

BAD : * [IllumOS Dynamic Tracing Guide]( Robert
GOOD: * [IllumOS Dynamic Tracing Guide]( - Robert

And that's it! Simple, easy and lovely...

We hope you contribute to this great repository. +1